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Expert Intellectual Property Service for the Gaming Arts

  Physical Card Games:     Playing Card Apparatus:
  • Post-Bilski success

  • Dual Infringer Avoidance

  • Working relationship with
    group 3700 Patent Examiners

  • Shufflers

  • Readers

  • Delivery Shoes

  Electronic Card Tables:     Gaming Security Systems:
  • Electronic Wagering

  • Card Reading

  • Chip Reading

  • Card Displays

  • Encryption

  • Hand Reading

  • Play Verification

  • Player Tracking

  Alternative Gaming Technology:  

Over 30 Years Patent Experience
in Major Technologies

  • Roulette

  • Dice Games

  • Wagering Platforms

  • Lotteries

  • Parimutuel Wagering

  • Worldwide Experience in the Gaming Arts Patent Prosecution

  • Drafting, Prosecution, Appeals, Licensing and Opinion Work

  • Counseling, Strategy and Work-Around Advice



Patent Experience

500 U.S. Patents/Applications on broad range of Gaming Technologies for International Companies.

Advanced Prosecution Expertise with over 100 Successful Appeals to the PTO Board of Appeals.

Patent Litigation Management - Directing Strategy and Cost Control.

Over Fifty Technology Agreements including License Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements, including Gaming Technology.

Over Fifty Clearance Studies and Infringement Opinions on Gaming Technology.

Over Ten Years Counseling at the Highest Executive Levels on IP Strategy, Product Design and Work-Around Counseling in the Field of Gaming Technology.

Licensing Negotiations with the Highest Executive Levels.

When you work with Mark A. Litman & Associates, it will be the expert who does all of the work.

Gaming Technology work will not be passed to younger associates to be trained at your expense.


Advanced IP Skills

Mark Litman has argued appeals in the US Board of Appeals, U.S. Courts of Appeal, and the European Patent Office with a documented high degree of success.

Mark Litman has managed numerous Patent Infringement Litigations, Reissue Patents and Re-examination Patents and effectively controls litigation counsel to reduce overall litigation costs and improve the focus on litigation issues.

Mark Litman has worked with inventors to design effective work-around technology that avoids infringement of third party patents.

Mark Litman has prepared numerous infringement studies, non-infringement studies and provided counseling on infringement issues for over three decades.


Samples of U.S. Patents Written by Mark Litman in the Gaming Arts

U.S. 8,025,564 Dual-usage bonus point method for gaming machine   U.S. 7,832,731 Three-card game without poker ranking
U.S. 7,431,646 Grid-based award method for base game and bonus top box game for use with video wagering machines or slot-type machines   U.S. 7,329,180 Gaming system with multiple generic and subgeneric characteristics
U.S. 7,905,770 Special multiplier bonus game in Pai Gow Poker variant   U.S. 7,694,969 Casino wagering game of three-dice football
U.S. 8,025,294 Card shuffler with card rank and value reading capability   U.S. 7,988,558 Computerized gaming system, method and apparatus
U.S. 8,011,661 Shuffler with shuffling completion indicator   U.S. 7,783,040 Encryption in a secure computerized gaming system
U.S. 7,967,294 Card shuffler with gravity feed system for playing cards   U.S. 7,470,182 Computerized gaming system, method and apparatus
U.S. 7,784,790 Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards   U.S. 7,179,170 Pass-through live validation device and method
U.S. 7,341,510 Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game   U.S. 6,935,946 Video gaming apparatus for wagering with universal computerized controller and I/O interface for unique architecture
U.S. 7,073,791 Hand forming shuffler with on demand hand delivery  

U.S. 7,933,448 Card reading system employing CMOS reader  
U.S. 7,933,444 Method of locating rank and suit symbols on cards  
U.S. 6,955,599 Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game  


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