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Expert Intellectual Property Service in the Field of Imaging Technology

  Ink Jet and Bubble Jet Printing:     Electrophotography:
  • Storage stabilizing

  • Compositions

  • Delivery systems

  • Dye synthesis

  • Pigment dispersions

  • Toner compositions

  • Individual compound synthesis

  • Toner cartridges

  • Electronic sensors in cartridges

  • Odor control

  Electronic Imaging:     Coating Technologies:
  • MRI

  • f-MRI

  • PET

  • Fluoroscopy

  • Sonograms

  • Thermal imaging

  • Extrusion coating

  • Slot coating

  • Gravure coating

  • Meniscus coating

  • Spray coating

  • Roller coating

  Printing Technology:  

Over 30 Years Experience
in all Major Imaging Technologies

  • Plates

  • Washes

  • Inks

  • Rolls

  • Imageable compositions

  • Flexography

  • Positive and negative systems

  • UV sensitive polymers

  • Imaging systems, including
    extensive software work

  • Drums and Rollers

  • Worldwide Experience in the Field
    of Imaging Arts Patent Prosecution

  • Drafting, Prosecution, Appeals, Licensing and Opinion Work

  • Counseling, Strategy and Work-Around Advice

  • All Patent Work done by an Attorney with over Thirty Years Experience work will not be passed to younger associates to be trained at your expense



Patent Experience

500 U.S. Patents/Applications on broad range of Imaging Technologies for Fortune 500 Companies.

Advanced Prosecution Expertise with over 100 Successful Appeals to the PTO Board of Appeals.

Patent Litigation Management - Directing Strategy and Cost Control.

Over Fifty Technology Agreements including License Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements on Imaging Technology.

Over Fifty Clearance Studies and Infringement Opinions on Imaging Technology.

Over Twenty Years Counseling at the Highest Executive Levels on IP Strategy, Product Design and Work-Around Counseling in the Field of Imaging Technology.

Licensing Negotiations with the Highest Executive Levels in Imaging Technology.

When you work with Mark A. Litman & Associates, it will be the expert who does all of the work.

Imaging Technology work will not be passed to younger associates to be trained at your expense.


Advanced IP Skills

Mark Litman has argued appeals in the US Board of Appeals, U.S. Courts of Appeal, and the European Patent Office with a documented high degree of success.

Mark Litman has managed numerous Patent Infringement Litigations, Reissue Patents and Re-examination Patents and effectively controls litigation counsel to reduce overall litigation costs and improve the focus on litigation issues.

Mark Litman has worked with inventors to design effective work-around technology that avoids infringement of third party patents.

Mark Litman has prepared numerous infringement studies, non-infringement studies and provided counseling on infringement issues for over three decades in the imaging arts.


Samples of U.S. Patents Written by Mark Litman in Imaging Technology

U.S. 7,231,162 Oxygen generators in ink cartridge environment   U.S. 7,189,484 Reduced light scattering in projected images formed from electrographic toners
U.S. 7,200,348 Volatile organic compound detector   U.S. 7,098,265 Liquid inks comprising a stable organosol
U.S. 7,197,266 Ink disposal in cartridges   U.S. 6,986,976 Liquid electrophotographic inks or toners having reduced odors
U.S. 7,164,879 Reversible Ink Cartridge   U.S. 6,905,807 Liquid inks comprising stabilizing organosols
U.S. 6,999,702 Ink disposal in cartridges   U.S. 6,887,558 Intermediate transfer member for electrophotographic process
U.S. 6,905,807 Liquid inks comprising stabilizing organosols   U.S. 6,806,013 Liquid inks comprising stabilizing plastisols
U.S. 7,092,659 Discharge methods and systems in electrophotography   U.S. 7,151,603 Overhead transparency clarity simulator
U.S. 7,088,932 System and method for measuring charge/mass and liquid toner conductivity contemporaneously   U.S. 7,106,997 Intermediate transfer member for carrying intermediate electrophotographic image
U.S. 7,018,757 Photoconductor materials based on complex of charge generating material   U.S. 7,061,616 Optical transceiver and method for image density measurement
U.S. 6,815,132 Photoconductor materials based on new phase of titanyl phthalocyanine   U.S. 7,024,126 Developing unit and density control method in electrophotography
U.S. 6,696,209 Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport compounds      
U.S. 7,187,885 Oxidation of volatile organic compounds in electrographic printing   U.S. 7,008,568 Photochromic naphthopyran compounds:  compositions and articles containing those naphthopyran compounds
U.S. 6,898,403 Apparatus and method for removing carrier liquid from an intermediate transfer member surface or from a toned imaged on an intermediate transfer member      
U.S. 6,796,650 Ink-jet printing system      


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